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You will see a search field at the bottom; search for BIOS Version and then press Enter. If your computer has any faulty drivers, the driver’s icon will be marked with a yellow exclamation mark. Invoke the Run dialog box by hitting Win + R keys together.

  • After reinstalling the Photos app, check whether or not the issue is resolved.
  • Your computer is made up of several devices called hardware.
  • Try typing in any app and verify if Gboard works with out crashing abnormally.

Of course, you can open Command Prompt simply by using the Windows Key + R key combination and typing “cmd” before clicking OK or by searching for it. You can also use the Windows Key + R key combo where you should type “control.exe” and click Run which will also open Control Panel directly. Highlight and right-click on the faulty to see the available options. In the Device Manager window, scroll through the device categories and find under which category the faulty device is located. Open Device Manager by right-clicking Windows on your desktop, then selecting Device Manager from the menu.

You may be having trouble starting multiplayer or experiencing crashes because of this. You can check the boxes for driver updates if any are available. You can also try performing a clean boot to fix the error. In some instances, the error might be caused due to interference or conflicts caused by some third-party app running in the background. So, restart Windows in a clean boot state and then check if the error is fixed or not. Battlefield 2042 is a multiplayer-focused first-person shooter game that was recently released as an addition to the Battlefield series.

What Should I Do If My Computer Does Not Boot Into Windows?

This checks the integrity of your Windows system files and, if any files are missing or corrupted, the tool will fix them automatically. If Windows can find an updated driver, it will automatically download and install the update to your computer. In nearly all cases, you’ll want to select the automatic option. Other times, a BSOD will appear on Windows 10 after installing a new update or device driver, and you won’t be able to get to the desktop to fix APC_INDEX_MISMATCH win 10 the problem. A blue screen error may also appear as a result of an incompatible or buggy update for Windows 10 or driver. If you can start your computer and get to the desktop, you can fix the problem by doing the following.

Ongoing server issue – If it’s the first time you’re getting this error, you should start this troubleshooting guide by assuming you’re dealing with a temporary server issue. To make sure the issue is not beyond your control, start by checking if the problem is not occurring due to a temporary server issue or scheduled maintenance. Other things you can try are to remove a PS Camera if it’s connected, restart the PS4 and make sure facial recognition is disabled via the settings and user options. This isn’t the first time we’ve encountered Warzone’s 6 or DIVER error code. Though we can’t vouch for these ourselves, they might be worth a shot if you’re truly desperate to back in.

BSOD can be caused by both software and hardware. If the root cause is the first one, you just have to apply some tweaks. Otherwise, you may need to reformat the system.

What Is System Error And How Do You Fix It

If you’re still unable to resolve the issue, you can also make a note of any error message and contact your manufacturer for help. Sometimes, they may not have an update to fix the issue, but they may be able to offer a workaround. Once you complete the installation of Windows 10, you’ll need to reinstall all your applications and restore your files from backup. If you’re trying to upgrade using Windows Update, you can do this by using the Disk Cleanup tool to delete previously downloaded installation files. When you do this, Windows Update will re-download the files again to upgrade the OS.

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