Man accountable for blackmailing closeted grandad he satisfied on Grindr

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Man accountable for blackmailing closeted grandad he satisfied on Grindr

A 25-year-old guy has been discovered guilty of wanting to blackmail a grandfather the guy fulfilled on Grindr.

Happening happened in britain. Kieran George Thurling, which lives in Uffculme, Devon, came across their victim via the homosexual hookup application in Sep 2018. They found around eight era for gender before Thurling endangered to on your via a message submitted January this present year.

The earlier guy, now separated, features young ones and grandchildren. His ex-wife and toddlers knew nothing about their sexual activity with other males.

Thurling told your whenever he performedn’t provide your ?400 ($506), he would placed posters up across geographic area outing him, states Devon reside.

The earlier people informed Thurling he’d find it difficult picking out the funds. Thurling then boosted the extortion total ?600 ($760).

The guy informed his sufferer to drop the money down in an envelope at a specified venue.

In the place of doing so, the existing man – who may have not become named – went along to the police. He had been unable to let them have Thurling’s term as he didn’t understand it and was actually not able to supply determining info. The guy stated younger man got always used a hooded top also it was dark colored if they came across.

The authorities recommended the sufferer drop of a package stuffed with report during the specified drop-off aim. The guy performed so, as soon as Thurling went to retrieve they, the police swooped into arrest him.

Thurling admitted blackmail. He advised police the guy planned to utilize the funds going overseas and get their own lifestyle.

Appearing at Exeter top courtroom recently, Thurling got sentenced to 2 yrs in jail, suspended for 20 months, 150 time of outstanding people operate and 25 times of rehab strategies. He or she is additionally barred from contacting the sufferer or pinpointing him openly.

Sentencing Thurling, assess David Evans said for the decide to blackmail the earlier man, “Having fulfilled at first on the web, you threatened to expose their sexuality you might say calculated to cause your the most anxiousness and anxiety.”

“With their family members history, such the truth will have turned his life upside down at a comparatively belated level within his lifetime.

“The psychological unhappiness that could bring resulted for him and others does not bear calculating.”

The judge said he had been suspending the phrase as Thurling had accepted the criminal activity and found guilt for their measures.


One is certainly going to jail whilst some other extends to keep his information. I don’t discover any winners inside.


@Chrisk… tend to be right; no winners…but would affairs be better, if Kieran George Thurling succeeded with his blackmail, and grandpa compensated him? ….still no champions, but would which have been best?


Circumstances posses nevertheless changed. In early 1950’s whenever Alan Turing had been mugged by a strategy the guy naively visited the authorities and was charged with gross indecency, forced to get substance castration bodily hormones and subsequently got his own existence.


I pity the outdated man.

He had been separated and lastly encountered the freedom to explore his needs. Then the guy he’s connecting attempts to blackmail him? And then some listed below are disappointed, he got to hold a “secret”?

How it happened to ‘we all come-out in our very own times’ stance?


I’m almost 100per cent sure the grandfather utilized their ex-wife to keep up a direct picture therefore I don’t believe bad for him. Gay guys utilizing people to help keep a facade and hidden their own sex needs to quit. I’m able to merely think of the damage the ex-wife would read finding-out their wedding got probably a lie.

Aires the Ram

If he’d because of the punk one pound, the extortion threats would not need finished, and will have escalated. He did just the right thing. Some individuals compartmentalize parts of their own resides and keep them from anyone else. Its their own prerogative to do this. It is not ours to suggest how he “ought” to act.


it is furthermore their prerogative to anticipate shitty folks on hookup applications. Sooner or later he’s going to be outed and he won’t have the ability to quit it. If he very scared he might nicely inform his ex-wife before anybody otherwise can. Nobody owes him something especially when you are considering generate sexual scenarios.


I’d have actually dropped off of the package and waited for your to exhibit up.


I’m therefore pleased Thurling is caught, found guilty and sentenced, though the guy should have supported some jail time as an additional deterrent.


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